Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report

How's it fishing
Despite rain rain rain rod averages were high this week and plenty of fish caught.
  Tony Fox from Rowlands Gill returned a 12 pounder and M Wood from Southmoor a 15 pounder using a Black Zonker
Returning 11 Trout. Bigger bags netted were by Andrew Taylor from Langley Park using a black peacock and a buzzer he returned 15 fish. Ed Dunbar from Willington had the biggest bag of the week with 17 trout.
Rod Average 

To say it has been raining last week is an understatement, better conditions as I write this report!  Rainbows  were still taken and late on Wednesday thought the winds turned Westerly, bringing better fortune for anglers out at the end of he working week. Buzzers, bloodworms and the usual lures now worked more consistently. The weekend saw a drop to more seasonal temperatures so anglers were forced to slow down their presentation and go a touch deeper,especially after the frosts.
Fly box:
Black buzzer
Bloodworm variants
Black shipmans 
Cats whisker
Zonkers ( white/grey )
Dawson's olive
Gold head GRHE nymph
Black Peacock
Black Fritz

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