Fishery Rules

All Anglers must be in possession of:
  • A valid National Environments Agency Rod License (12rs+) Rod Licenses applications are available though the Post Office or online: 
  • A suitable landing net - with a knotless mesh
  • An effective 'Priest' with which to dispatch fish humanely

Fly fishing only is allowed using (except on children's worming lakes)
  • Barbless hooks
  • Max hook sixe - 8 long shank
  • Max of 3 hooks per line
  • One rod per angler is use at one time

Strictly prohibited at the Fishery:
  • Eggs, boobies, wagglers or rubber/plastic lures of any kind are not allowed
  • buoyant flies fished on sinking lines are not allowed
  • Bait additives are not allowed

General Rules:
  • Killing Tickets - first fish must be killed
  • Fish to be released must not be taken out of the water but unhooked in the net and released with the minimal of handling
  • Deep hooked or injured fish must be killed (please report to Fishery Bailiffs)
  • Anglers must sign 'on' and 'off' in the catch returns book (located in Fishery Lodge)
  • Fishing positions can not be reserved
  • No dogs allowed
  • In the interests of sportsmanship we reserve the right to check angler's bags at random
  • In the interests of habitat and for the enjoyment of others dropping litter and discarding line is prohibited (this is deadly to wildlife)
  • All brown trout to be released (See supplement Re blue Trout)
  • No spectators
  • The Fishery reserve the right to refuse entry and or remove without refund those that fail to adhere to the rules or fail to conduct themselves in a pleasant manner.