Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Nathan from Chicargo and Jemima fishing

      • Nathan from Chicargo aged seven came fishing for a 'Barracuda' at Sharpley,
        instead he netted a fine hard fighting Rainbow Trout caught on the children's lake 'Little Alice' with sweet corn. He was so happy with his catch that his Cousins 
        came a few days later!  
        Well done a fine fish! 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report Ending 6th July

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report
Weed cutting was disrupting fishing last week making fishing more challenging. However Trout rose steadily to Green Buzzers. However most bays are now clear of weed. 
However weed Oxygenates the lakes keeping fish healthy and encourage fly life in warm weather , anglers have to use top of the water action for best results.
Plenty of large bags were netted with Peter Andrew from Tyne and Wear catching 28 and Andy Birch from Shiney Row with 23 Trout. James Stephenson from Gateshead returned 13.
Given cloud ( and we were last week ) trout rose steadily to green buzzers and were tempted with shipmans when the wind dropped and shuttlecocks in a breeze.
When fishing the latter, a CDC pattern twitched in the same direction as the wind was easily the most effective,and particularly so in the lee of the island on the Doxford lake.
In a decent wave a large sedge is still deadly at times-indeed static close-copy adult sedges presented on flat water did the trick too.
Daddies and damsels shouldn't be ignored either

Fly box;
Green buzzer pupae
Olive hares ear shuttlecock
Brown/green Shipmans
Damsel nymph
Griffith's gnat
CDC sedge