Monday, December 8, 2014

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report Week ending 7th Dec

How's it Fishing
The lure men experienced an increased willingness to take larger, seemingly protein-packed offerings , so snakes, big zonkers and fluff cats whiskers all attracted attention. Geoff Curry from Durham released 11 Trout the biggest at 11 pounds. Bill Barry from Washington returned 19 and N Hart from Sunderland 16 and Dave Robson  from Seaham 15.
Stew Cameron from Shiremoor returned a 10 pounder and Jason Hughes from Haswell used an Amber Worm to bring the biggest of the week to the net a 14 pounder.

Rod average
Tagged fish
Rolling on over Xmas now
Open all through the Xmas period , including Xmas Day, only on this day a Comlimentary catch and release ticket is available  to wish you Happy Xmas.

We have temporarily lost the mild weather and the cooler snap saw fewer free-risers last week.
On the plus side,the lure men experienced an increased willingness to take larger,seemingly protein-packed offerings , so snakes,big zonkers and fluff cats whiskers all attracted attention.
Bloodworm patterns always fish well in conditions like these so rubber-legged patterns are go-to flies.Slow drifts on full floaters or fast pulls on intermediates can work.As always,experimentation on the day is key.
Cool, still conditions often also call for buzzers ( or bloodworms..or mini-lures! ) suspended under indicators that are just large enough to see.As temperatures fall takes can be more and more finicky so keep your eyes peeled!

Fly box:
Black buzzer
Cats whisker
Apps bloodworm
Black zonker
Black/green nomad
Copper wire buzzer
Best wishes

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sharpley Springs Fishing report week ending 19th October

How's it Fishing 

A quieter week due to various weather patterns. However some big catchers was still to be had. 
John Shema from Ryhope netted 17 fish menu using sinking lines,
Simon Nichols from Anfield Plain, released 15 Trout. 
David Brown from West) use plonkers blobs and Hopper flies to release 10 fish.
Another mixed week of weather has meant a variety of methods have been successful.
Traditional buzzer fishing with floating lines and longish leaders - and black or olive pupal patterns-took trout. The same set up with a slowly drifted Diawl Bach or black nymph also worked.
Dry flies were taken well too, with black and hares ear emerging imitations good for the midge feeders whilst trout looking up in a good ripple are still fooled by buoyant daddylonglegs patterns or stimulators.
Cooler days at the start of the week had Sharpley's rainbows chasing cats whiskers and zonkers. White patterns are becoming more and more reliable as fishy thoughts are turning to autumnal fry gorging in preparation for leaner times ahead.

Fly box:
  Black/olive buzzers
  Diawl Bach
  Hares ear emerger
  Black spider (dry or just sub-surface)
  Detached daddy
  Brown hopper
  Green stimulator
  White zonkers
Rod average 4.1

Fishing report for weekending 14th October

How's it Fishing
A very mixed week of weather has ensured every day was different this week.
Chris Davis from Sunderland called the biggest Trout of the week at 18 lbs 5 oz using a yellow dancer.
John Slema from Ryhope released 15 fish , Jack Hodgson from South Shields released at 12 lbs 8 oz rainbow using a white dancer also Bob Coates from Trimdon caught a 12 pounder.
Another large double was called by Mitch Fawcy from Blyth at 13 lbs 8 oz from a bag of 27 fish, Mitch totalled 65 fish during the week mainly using Buzzers and Drys.
Rod average
Tagged fish 
A very mixed week of weather has ensured every day was different this week.
Cool, wet  spells had larger,predominantly white lures exciting the fish: windy bursts had daddies and hoppers fishing in the waves,whilst calm moments promoted hatches of small, black midge which produced excellent rises.
The latter in particular saw superb,challenging dry fly angling, especially at the weekend, whilst mid-week some anglers had big bags on the Albert and Alice and Doxford lakes.
Buzzers in all their guises were successful but biggish lures are featuring more and more in returns now.
Fly box:
Black buzzer
Black/white zonkers
White/yellow dancers
Black f fly
Pink buzzer

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sharpley Spring Fishing report week ending 20th Sep

How's it fishing
The Biggest of the week was and 18 pounder netted by Jonathan Howe of Hartlepool using an Olive Zonker and an 8 pounds lead, caught on the Doxford lake.
N Hart caught the biggest bag of the week bringing in a total of 18 trout. Lee Moore from Consett took fish to 9lb 8oz and another at 7lb 8oz. 

The welcome return to more Summery weather saw plenty of black gnats on the water. These provided easy pickings at the top of the wind and wise anglers used small, black dries namely black spiders and black f flies.The latter were particularly effective in sizes 18 and 20.
Nymphs continue to take fish too,gold-ribbed hares ears ,pheasant tails ,damsels and the odd Montana.
Pond olives still grab the attentions of both trout and angler and shuttlecock or f flies tied,again,with hares ear can usually do the trick.
Quiet moments can be tackled on the surface with daddylonglegs or bushy sedges.

Fly box:
Pond olive dun
Hares ear shuttlecock/nymph
Black spider/f fly
Black Griffith's gnat
Damsel nymph
Sedge hog
Olive Zonkers

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fishing report week ending 13th September

Mildish weather at the start of the week saw even more black gnats on the water so the recent successful tactics of small black dries fished at the top of the wind was again a productive tactic.
F flies and small traditional spiders in sizes 18   and 20 were again the best,
Pond olives were happiest in the cooler easterlies that graced Sharpley later in the week .These conditions saw shuttlecock and Waddam's hares ear successful flies.These hatches accounted for the splashier downwind rises that ,being in a ripple,were easier to fish.Constant degreasing was needed in the flat water otherwise.
Daddylonglegs,that September favourite,were good go-to flies and quiet moments could see suspended blobs in a variety of colours,picking up good trout.

Fly box:
Hares ear shuttlecock/Waddam's/foam head emerger
Black gnat
Black f/spider
Brown hopper
CDC sedge

Monday, September 8, 2014

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report ending 6th Sep

How is it fishing
Fishing has been better leading up to a full moon than it has in the last month. Black gnats have been abundant.
The biggest fish of the week was caught by Carr Carn, from Ashington taking a 17 lbs 8 oz Trout from the Alice and Albert,  using a blob. Luke Radcliffe from Sunderland returned a 10lb 4 oz Rainbow, his fly of choice of black bloodworm.
Lee Moore and B Henderson both from Consett caught 14 pounds using an Orange Snake and a 9 pounder respectfully all on the same day. Best bag of the week was caught by Kevin Dick from Gateshead on a Black Midge
Rod average 
Tagged fish £500
The Jack Charlton Disabled Children's Fishing Competition is being held at Sharpley on Sunday 14 th Sep, on the Alice and Albert only.
All other lakes are open.
Volunteers Anglers are still needed so please ring Simon on 07860757527.

The welcome return to more Summery weather saw plenty of black gnats on the water. These provided easy pickings at the top of the wind and wise anglers used small, black dries namely black spiders and black f flies.The latter were particularly effective in sizes 18 and 20.
Nymphs continue to take fish too, gold-ribbed hares ears ,pheasant tails , damsels and the odd Montana.
Pond olives still grab the attentions of both trout and angler and shuttlecock or f flies tied, again, with hares ear can usually do the trick.
Quiet moments can be tackled on the surface with daddylonglegs or bushy sedges.

Fly box:
Pond olive dun
Hares ear shuttlecock/nymph
Black spider/f fly
Black Griffith's gnat
Damsel nymph
Sedge hog
Orange Snake

Monday, August 18, 2014

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report ending 17 th August

How's it fishing
At last cool weather has seen Trout more active and less challenging for the angler . Bigger catches this week and better rod average. Peter Chippendale from Whitley Bay returned 17 caught mainly on Fritz, Yellow Buzzers . Neil Jones from Holystone, returned 10 and took a catch his favourite fly were Olive and White Buzzers. Andy Rope from Sunderland netted 13 and David Todd from Gateshead 14 Rainbows, using CDC and Buzzers. The best catch was from Graham Young from Hebburn netting 18 on a PTN .
The biggest double this week was caught by Tom Jones from Washington weighing a good 15lbs, fly used for this Whopper was a Green CDC. John Iredale from Rowlands Gill returned 13lb 5oz Trout. 
Rod average
Shipmans buzzer given cloud and sub-surface dimply rises, these were easily the most effective pattern.
At times, in the sun, a few black terrestrials (various beetle species ) found themselves on the water ( and consequently in autopsies ) and so beetles and that old go-to the black and peacock spider saw some success.
Griffith's gnat again represented best the skittering small adult black midges.These,along with the still present upright olives, were responsible for many of the splashier rises.
Sunny days are great for stalking Sharpley's quality brownies-just remember they will spot you long before you see them so use all the stealth you can muster!

Fly box:
Olive /hares ear
White/Green Buzzers
Green shuttlecock
Damsel nymph
Caenis dun
Fluff cat
GRHE nymph

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Nathan from Chicargo and Jemima fishing

      • Nathan from Chicargo aged seven came fishing for a 'Barracuda' at Sharpley,
        instead he netted a fine hard fighting Rainbow Trout caught on the children's lake 'Little Alice' with sweet corn. He was so happy with his catch that his Cousins 
        came a few days later!  
        Well done a fine fish! 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report Ending 6th July

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report
Weed cutting was disrupting fishing last week making fishing more challenging. However Trout rose steadily to Green Buzzers. However most bays are now clear of weed. 
However weed Oxygenates the lakes keeping fish healthy and encourage fly life in warm weather , anglers have to use top of the water action for best results.
Plenty of large bags were netted with Peter Andrew from Tyne and Wear catching 28 and Andy Birch from Shiney Row with 23 Trout. James Stephenson from Gateshead returned 13.
Given cloud ( and we were last week ) trout rose steadily to green buzzers and were tempted with shipmans when the wind dropped and shuttlecocks in a breeze.
When fishing the latter, a CDC pattern twitched in the same direction as the wind was easily the most effective,and particularly so in the lee of the island on the Doxford lake.
In a decent wave a large sedge is still deadly at times-indeed static close-copy adult sedges presented on flat water did the trick too.
Daddies and damsels shouldn't be ignored either

Fly box;
Green buzzer pupae
Olive hares ear shuttlecock
Brown/green Shipmans
Damsel nymph
Griffith's gnat
CDC sedge

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report

How's it Fishing
Yet another excellent week with lake olives,hawthorns and black gnats all occupying the attentions of the trout 
The biggest of the week caught by George Martin from Weardale releasing a Rainbow if 16 lbs  using a Buzzer. Ses
Goyne of Houghton le Spring took a 10 pounder again using a Buzzer.
The biggest catch of the week was caught by Dean Appleby from Newton Aycliffe with a whopping 26 in number. Peter Appleby 15 and Glen Appleby topping the Appleby family with 25. The Appleby family certainly know how to fish Sharpley Springs !! Howard Robson from Ryton using a Damsel released 16 Trout.
The Albert and Alice lakes fished especially well, a great time of Year for fishing.

Yet another excellent week with lake olives, hawthorns and black gnats all occupying the attentions of the trout at one time or another-this in addition to the usual,and reliable,midge hatches.
Black gnats have been around all week and some of the lakes have responded superbly,with great dry fly angling to be had with close-copy imitations allowed to drift at the same speed as the naturals. At some times the trout wanted them high on their legs with,say,a black and peacock dry whereas at others the patterns needed to sit low, in the surface film.At these times, flies incorporating foam fitted the bill nicely.
This same scenario applies also to the hawthorns which have really put in an appearance this week and have been mopped up with gusto at times.The Albert and Alice lakes fished especially well to both of these flies.
Any cooler, blustery moments saw hatches of lake olives with the usual , splashy takes-and the immediate need for either an emerging olive or up winged dun pattern. Green f flies are as good as anything.
Incase we weren't already spoilt for choice,daddies abounded and Alders put in appearance at the weekend. 
Some would argue (me for one) this is the best time of the year.

Fly box:
Black gnat
Black and peacock spider
Black beetle
Black hopper
Green f
Hares ear shuttlecock
Black muddler
Black buzzer
Rod average 4.9

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sharpley Sharpley Fishing report

How's it fishing
Another excellent week at Sharpley Springs with a variety of midge species being augmented with seasonal terrestrials. Hawthorne's have been prolific as well as attracting good sized double this week.
The best beening a 15lb rainbow returned by Paul Kirkhouse from Sunderland, also a 14 pounder taken by David Kay from Morpeth using a buzzer. Other doubles were caught by Tom Jones from Houghton-le-Spring and Dave Mull from Sunderland both  weighing 12lbs. Another 12 lbs 5 oz trout using a Cats whisker by Andy Bowtell from Newton Aycliffe . Colin Grey from Gateshead caught a naturalised Browny at 9 pound. Ian Stoneman from Sunnyside to get a 6 pounder on an Olive lure. James Stevenson from Great Ayton had the biggest bag of the week with 18 to 10 lb 4 oz.
Rod Average 4.4               Tactic.                           Another excellent week at Sharpley Springs with a variety of midge species being augmented with seasonal terrestrials.
Daddylonglegs have shown up in numbers and this means that imitations can happily be used ( usually in the absence of a recognisable hatch ) right up until late Autumn.They are deadly twitched across the surface-and equally so pulled underneath! Experiment between the yellow and fawn-bodied species.
The cool north-easterlies on Friday, coupled with bright skies,saw perfect conditions for black gnats to hatch and mate.Wind-blown unfortunates that found themselves on the water were easy fodder and superb dry fly sport was had using traditionally hackled black gnats or spiders.
Success was not a given though and careful presentation-with a downwind drift was usually required.
Any warmth in the week to come should see hawthorny action too.

Fly box:
Black gnat/spider
Black beetle
Knotted midge
Black/green buzzer
Olive/hare's ear foam-head emerger
Olive shuttlecock
Lake olive dun
Damsel nymph
Sunburst blob
Sedge hog,Hawthorne.         Hares Ear

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report week ending 27th April.

How's it fishing
Suberb dry fly sport last week with a plethora of image small rape beetles, daddies and olives were also thrown into the mix.
The biggest of last week a Whopping 18 pounder caught on a Black Buzzer by Grant Downie from Blagdon. Plenty of other doubles in the 10 to 14 pounders , caught by N Hart from Stanley a 13 pounder on a Olive Hopper from a great bag of 19 Trout. Keith Barker from Peterlee using a Zonker for a 12 pounder also Derek Brown visiting from Dumfries with two at 12lbs and 14lbs 8oz using a Yellow Dancer.
Brian Ogden from Trimdon a 11lb 8 oz using a Sedge.
Steven Greathead from Lumley with a fine 15lb 3 oz caught from a bag of 8 using mainly Buzzers. Dave Robson from Seaham is amongst the big fish catches with a 14lb 13oz Rainbow. Gary Steele from Howdon and Trevor Robson from Cramlington both had 10lb plus trout. Another big trout surfacing after warm weather was a 16lb 4oz Rainbow caught by Paul Runce from Great Ayton . Been a good week for 6 to 8 pounders with plenty of Anglers catching in this range.
Trout Master National Qualifier  Fish off was won by 
Glen Appleby with 11 trout and runner up 2nd Jim Tuck and 3rd James Stephenson. 
Thank you all for taking part, Sharpley Springs is look forward to sponsoring Glen to the final.
Rod average 5.1

Superb dry fly sport last week , not only were there the plethora of midge, small rape beetles, daddies and olives were also thrown into the mix.
The lake olive fishing was particularly fascinating as the fog and easterly wind combination meant ideal hatch conditions.
Many hare's ear patterns were effective but those of olive hare's ear outperformed the rest.
The mist had trout rising all day and the evening sport was every bit as good as the best of the morning.
A variety of tactics were successful-twitched and pulled dries,drifted wets and suspended pupae.This will be some of the best angling of the year and expect hawthorns very shortly!

Fly box:
Olive shuttlecock/foam head
Black buzzer
GRHE nymph
Hare's ear emerger/shipmans
Sedge hog
Lake olive dun
Green f fly
Black beetle
Black and peacock spider
Emerging spiders
Dry Shipmans
Black Tadpole
Dawson Olive 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sharpley Springs Fishing report Week ending 13th April

How's it Fishing
Great week for Big Fish with big catches of 16 lbs and over returned. Prolific Midge hatch and Dry Fly angling. 
The biggest of the week where both caught on the Doxford an enormous Rainbow Trout weighing 18 lbs caught by Barry Nicholson from Stakeford, using Olive drys. 
A 17 pounders was also returned by  Brian Quigley and three doubles by Ian Smith from Middlesbrough of 14lbs, 14lbs, and 18 lbs using a Spider Sedge and Bibio.
Paul Runec also from Middlesbrough caught a 16lb 4oz Rainbow an Olive Worm.
Plenty of big bags netted at 15 fish caught by Mitch Fawcus from Blyth and 16 by Micky Bell of Gateshead also 13 by David Robson from Seaham.
Tagged fish remain at 2 with £500 tag
Rod Average

Milder temperatures and cloudy skies have done nothing to temper the prolific midge hatches.
They have again ensured excellent dry fly angling with patterns that hang below the surface film and mimic the final metamorphosis of the buzzer into adulthood.Foam -heads and closely cropped CCDs in shades of brown and green were the best.
The buzzers are getting larger now  with olives,blacks and grey all showing.
The week just gone also saw the first daddies of the season-another arrow in the angler's quiver.

Fly box:
Brown foam-head
Brown Spider
Olive/black/grey buzzer pupae
Green cropped shuttlecock
Hares ear emerger
GRHE nymph
Damsel nymph
Cats Whisker

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sharpley Springs Fly Fishing Report March 31st

How's it Fishing
Excellent midge hatches have occurred most days,despite the relatively cool  
Great catches despite the cool weather the biggest a 16lb 7oz Trout returned on the Doxford by Malcolm Robinson from Bedlington. Jon Fairburn from Sunderland also returned a 14 pounder using a Damsel from a bag of 4 on a 4 hour ticket. 
John Whitelock returned a fine naturalised Brownie again caught on the Doxford. Big catches this week came from Ian Richardson from New Hartley and Steve Harding from Sunderland both netting 14 fish.
The best bags netted by Mitch Fawes from Blyth and Dave Leonard from Felling both with 17 Trout each.
Howard Robinson from Ryton caught a fine 9 pounder from a bag of 33 using a Blob .
Paul Steward visiting from Guisbough using a combination of coloured Buzzers caught a fully finned 14 pounder.
Try a dry fly on your next visit ! 
Tagged Fish @£500
Rod average 4.2
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Excellent midge hatches have occurred most days,despite the relatively cool conditions.Indeed,given cloud cover,rises have been quite consistent,all day.
Dry fly angling has been very good,albeit not simple-quality ,challenging angling.
Though midges of several species have been evident the majority of the trout fell to either medium sized blacks or smallish browny olives.The latter initiated steady rises from margin -hugging residents and these fish could be fooled by tiny brownish emergers-so long as they moved on a drag-free path,downwind.Effective presentation was essential.
Non-imitative anglers successfully plied their trade with a variety of lures such as zonkers,blobs and Montana nymphs,whilst damsel and hare's ear nymphs did the business for those trying to match naturals.
Now is a great time to be out.

Fly box:    Black/olive/Red/Green  Buzzers
Kate Mc Karen 
Hare's ear emergers
Black/olive foam heads
Brown f fly
  Hares ear nymphs
  Montana nymph

Best Wishes

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sharpley Springs Fly Fishery Report : 14/1/2014

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report: 14/1/2014

Hows it Fishing
The mild weather brought a Sharpley Monster up from the depths on the Doxford Lake. Trevor Jones a local from Houghton-le-Spring returned the biggest fish of the week a huge 18 pounder. Derrick Grabham from Middlesbrough also returned a great fully finned 15 pounder, from a bag of 5, again from the Doxford. 
Plenty of other notable doubles this week with Clint Hallam from Longnewton with a 12lb rainbow using a snake, Paul Green from Wigan with a 13 pounder, caught on a blue/black Buzzer., V Henry from Whitley Bay took a 10 lb trout netting a bag of 12 also Jack Henderson living in South Shields a 10 pounder from the Albert Lake.  Andy Grabham netted the biggest bag of the week with 16 fish.
Tagged fish
£250 and rising

Though temperatures plummeted at the weekend the previous few days were relatively mild for the time of year and the taking flies followed the pattern of recent weeks. That is; black buzzers during the mildest part of the day, pinky bloodworms during pre and post-hatch periods and black or white lures when all else fails.
The current cooler weather will necessitate a slowing-down during the retrieve and possibly a near static approach with small indicators. Cool breezes should also render the flat, upwind pegs the best bet for a change, as the warmer water should be here under these conditions.

These Stunning Photo's are courtesy of Gary Pescod, taken on a stary night at Sharpley Springs Fly Fishery :-) 

Fly box;
          Black buzzer
          Pinky bloodworm
          Yellow worm
          Okey dokey
          Black/white zonker
          Cats whisker
          Dawsons Olive

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report: 7/1/2013

Sharpley Springs Fly Fishery has had a cracking start to 2014, with some great fishing had by all despite yet another week of changeable weather!

It seems to have been a week of all weather, we had a mild start to 2014, however as the week has progressed we have had sunshine, rain, blustery, windy weather and frosts!!

Tom Stevenson from Rowlands Gill was the First Angler of the New Year and had the best fishing of the day, catching 6 fish in total using a Damsel.

Thursday 2nd was a busy day on the lakes; the weather was bright, mild, but windy. The fishing was mixed with better fishing had in the afternoon. Lee Cartman caught 6 fish from the Hangman in the late afternoon using a Cruncher.

Friday 3rd saw some great fishing, with a variety of flies used. Peter Davidson and Rob Frame caught between the two of them 37 fish in all from the Doxford, Hangmans and Noose using Bloodworm.
Andy Saunders from Aycliffe caught 13 fish on the Albert and Alice and Doxford using a Zeech.

On the Saturday the 4th is was a damp wet day, but good fishing was had particularly in the morning. Paul Ronee and Ben Race from Great Ayton caught 30 between the two of them, but chose to keep their fly choice a secret!
On Sunday the 5th we hosted the fritznflies competition organized by Jim Turk, with Lee Cartmail being the overall winner, catching 8 fish in total off 6 pegs. There were 58 fish caught in total over the competition with an average of 3.8 per competitor.

We would also like to commend Tom Snowdon, Tom Stevenson and Peter Mathews who where all new qualifiers to the Fritznflies competition.

The Big Fish of the week!

We have had a good week for large double LB trout being caught.

Of particular note was Ryan Coldwell aged 14 yrs from Durham who caught his first double a 14.5 lb Beauty on the Doxford with a Blue Flash Damsel using his new Sonic SK8 rod he got from his father Glenn for Christmas. Ryan has been coming to the lakes since he was 4yrs old, starting on the children’s worm lake before progressing to the fly lakes.

Congratulations also to Luke Radcliffe from Sunderland caught a 20lb Stunner on the Alice and Albert using a Bloodworm.

A Double Congratulations should go to Lee Cartmail also caught a 20lb Head turner during the fishing competition that took place on the Sunday at Sharpley – Fritznflies

Fly Box

Damsel                Buzzer
Black Fritz         Cruncher
Black Buzzer     Bloodworm
Black Orange    Lure Cats Whisker
Zeech                 Olive worm
Olive Nymph    Diawl Bach
White Zonker   Blob

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Congratulations Lee Cartmail for being the overall winner in the FritznFlies competition at Sharpley Springs

Despite the weather, we had a busy day at Sharpley Springs Fly Fishery with a #Fritznflies competition round the Doxford lake which was organised by Jim Turk; with Davey giving much appreciated help, as well as general fishing round some of the other lakes!
Sharpley Springs would like to congratulation Lee Cartmail for being the overall winner on the day, catching 8 fish off 6 pegs, of which one included a 20lb stunning trout, that was the envy of all! We would also like to congratulate Tom Snowdon, Tom Stevenson and Peter Mathews who where all new qualifiers to the competition. The fishing was challenging, as the trout where staying deep with the cold weather.l However despite the conditions there where 58 fish caught, with an average of 3.8 per competitor with most reporting that they used Bloodworms for a successful catch.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Congratulations Ryan Coldwell for his 14lb catch today!

Sharpley Springs Fly Fishery would like to give a massive congratulations to Ryan Coldwell from Durham, who caught his first double LB Trout today on the Doxford. Ryan has been fishing at Sharpley since he was 4yrs old, starting off on the childrens worm lake, before moving to the fly lakes. The Beauty weighted in at a whopping 14lb. Ryan caught the fish with his new Rod a Sonic SK8 using a Blue Flash Damsel. He has entered his catch into the Junior Trout Masters competition - Good Luck Ryan!