Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report

How's it Fishing
Yet another excellent week with lake olives,hawthorns and black gnats all occupying the attentions of the trout 
The biggest of the week caught by George Martin from Weardale releasing a Rainbow if 16 lbs  using a Buzzer. Ses
Goyne of Houghton le Spring took a 10 pounder again using a Buzzer.
The biggest catch of the week was caught by Dean Appleby from Newton Aycliffe with a whopping 26 in number. Peter Appleby 15 and Glen Appleby topping the Appleby family with 25. The Appleby family certainly know how to fish Sharpley Springs !! Howard Robson from Ryton using a Damsel released 16 Trout.
The Albert and Alice lakes fished especially well, a great time of Year for fishing.

Yet another excellent week with lake olives, hawthorns and black gnats all occupying the attentions of the trout at one time or another-this in addition to the usual,and reliable,midge hatches.
Black gnats have been around all week and some of the lakes have responded superbly,with great dry fly angling to be had with close-copy imitations allowed to drift at the same speed as the naturals. At some times the trout wanted them high on their legs with,say,a black and peacock dry whereas at others the patterns needed to sit low, in the surface film.At these times, flies incorporating foam fitted the bill nicely.
This same scenario applies also to the hawthorns which have really put in an appearance this week and have been mopped up with gusto at times.The Albert and Alice lakes fished especially well to both of these flies.
Any cooler, blustery moments saw hatches of lake olives with the usual , splashy takes-and the immediate need for either an emerging olive or up winged dun pattern. Green f flies are as good as anything.
Incase we weren't already spoilt for choice,daddies abounded and Alders put in appearance at the weekend. 
Some would argue (me for one) this is the best time of the year.

Fly box:
Black gnat
Black and peacock spider
Black beetle
Black hopper
Green f
Hares ear shuttlecock
Black muddler
Black buzzer
Rod average 4.9

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sharpley Sharpley Fishing report

How's it fishing
Another excellent week at Sharpley Springs with a variety of midge species being augmented with seasonal terrestrials. Hawthorne's have been prolific as well as attracting good sized double this week.
The best beening a 15lb rainbow returned by Paul Kirkhouse from Sunderland, also a 14 pounder taken by David Kay from Morpeth using a buzzer. Other doubles were caught by Tom Jones from Houghton-le-Spring and Dave Mull from Sunderland both  weighing 12lbs. Another 12 lbs 5 oz trout using a Cats whisker by Andy Bowtell from Newton Aycliffe . Colin Grey from Gateshead caught a naturalised Browny at 9 pound. Ian Stoneman from Sunnyside to get a 6 pounder on an Olive lure. James Stevenson from Great Ayton had the biggest bag of the week with 18 to 10 lb 4 oz.
Rod Average 4.4               Tactic.                           Another excellent week at Sharpley Springs with a variety of midge species being augmented with seasonal terrestrials.
Daddylonglegs have shown up in numbers and this means that imitations can happily be used ( usually in the absence of a recognisable hatch ) right up until late Autumn.They are deadly twitched across the surface-and equally so pulled underneath! Experiment between the yellow and fawn-bodied species.
The cool north-easterlies on Friday, coupled with bright skies,saw perfect conditions for black gnats to hatch and mate.Wind-blown unfortunates that found themselves on the water were easy fodder and superb dry fly sport was had using traditionally hackled black gnats or spiders.
Success was not a given though and careful presentation-with a downwind drift was usually required.
Any warmth in the week to come should see hawthorny action too.

Fly box:
Black gnat/spider
Black beetle
Knotted midge
Black/green buzzer
Olive/hare's ear foam-head emerger
Olive shuttlecock
Lake olive dun
Damsel nymph
Sunburst blob
Sedge hog,Hawthorne.         Hares Ear