Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sharpley Spring Fishing Report ending May 5th

How's it fishing
The biggest fish caught this week was by Paul Weathering from Prudhoe,with a Fifteen pounder using a Montana. Paul netted 14 Trout in total.
The Appleby's Peter and son's Dean and Glen who fish regularly at Sharpley have released 57 Trout this week with Peter catching the Biggest bag of the week with 19 fish. Gary and Brian Mulholland from Gateshead both returned 18 fish each. Adam Collinson from Weardale used a Damsel to net a 12 pounder. Steve King had fish to 8 lbs using a Diawl Bach.

There were some fine hatches of buzzer this week and the less windy days saw excellent angling.
The Hangman's lake had good emergences of small green and grey midge right throughout the mornings and the best catching methods involved small pale olive emergers in 16 and 18. Small green parachutes also fitted the bill from time to time. Cool breezes unfortunately subdued these hatches on some days, indeed every day was different,see-sawing between olive buzzers and bright ,windy days that had a smattering of black midge mixed with terrestrial beetles big and small. Black dries worked on these occasions.Foam beetles,black f's and dry Kate McClaren fished well in the ripple.
Weekend warmth had the first of the season's hawthorn flies putting in an appearance though it will be a few days yet before the residents switch on to them.
Keep an eye out for black gnats too,should this welcome warmth continue

Fly box:
Olive sugar-cube
Black shuttlecock
Green/grey shipmans
Gold head damsel
Kate McClaren
Olive parachute
Black and peacock spider
Copper wire buzzer
Diawl Bach