Friday, March 27, 2015

Sharpley Springs

How's it fishing this week

Things are definitely starting to liven up,and with calmer days mid-week small black midge hatched in abundance and littered the surface at times.
This made for superb dry fly angling,challenging and delicate.
The biggest double of the year so far with a cracking massive 20lb 4oz Rainbow caught by Glen Appleby from Peterlee on a 6lb lead using drifting buzzers total for the day 15 trout. James Stephenson from Great Ayton came second in the biggest fish of the week with a huge 18lb 6oz Trout netting 10 in total. Tommy Stephenson from Rolland Gill returned a lucky 21 fish including one at 12lbs 4oz. Pam Pratt totalled 39 fish in one session using Drys to return the biggest bag of the week. Nick Hart from Stanley returned 24.
Rod average 
North East premiere Trout Fishery 

Anglers using their finest tippets and smallest black dries found success-but only when coupled with thoughtful presentation.
One day required small,hackled adult imitations twitched downwind,the next,these were ignored but vertically hanging foam head emergers fooled the trout.Experimentation,as always,was the key.
The Spring warmth also initiated a lot of Corixa activity and one or two of the 
less successful divers were visibly taken.
The Albert and Alice lake has fished particularly well.Cats Whiskers were unbeatable  on it one day.

Fly box:
Black spider
Griffiths Gnat
Black/brown f fly
Black foam head emerger
Black teeny nymph
Cats Whisker
Yellow blob
Olive worm

Friday, March 13, 2015

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report up too 8th March

How's it fishing 
Watch the fly life as weather warms up, producing great catches. 
Terry Wood from Bolton Colliery released a 15 pounder , Ben Race from Great Ayton netted the biggest rainbow of the week with a 17lb 8oz fish caught using a Zonker, his total catch at 13 Trout. John Parker from Stockton netted 16 fish his best of the day an 12 pounder. Plenty of big bags with Paul Tennick from Weardale with 18 Trout. Andy Grabham from Long Newton with 20 Rainbows and 19 on a second visit. Colin Gray from Gateshead netted 24 but one of the best bag of the week was caught by Gary Mulholland releasing 30 Trout only beaten by Peter Appleby from Bishop Auckland at a huge bag of 35 fish. 
Rod average
On Thursday, things warmed up a tad and midge activity meant buzzers were firmly on the menu.
Black pupal imitations with either white or orange cheeks (aka wing buds) and just a little weight were taken enthusiastically especially hard to the down-wind margins.
Pre and post hatch,the larval stages were predominant so worm pullers saw success.
Yellow and pink were the most popular colours.vPerhaps underwater these resemble the olives and orangey-reds of the naturals.
White lures ( and worms !) remain go to chucks.

Fly box:
Black buzzer
Weighted Diawl bachs
White/yellow worms
Cats whisker