Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sharpley Springs latest Fishing Report

How's it fishing
Sharpley Springs remains open despite the very wintry weather. Hardy anglers brave the elements, catching plenty of fish.The Fritz and Fly competition was held at Sharpley last week the winner was John Maguire from Newbottle with 9 Trout caught with blood worm, Black lures and Fritz. Gareth Tilley from Lanchester as second Steve Greathead from Lumley was third. Tom Stephenson from Rowlands Gill took the biggest double of the week with a fully finned Rainbow of 14lbs 11oz . The biggest bag of the week was netted by Tom as well returning 17 in total and Geoff Curry from Durham returned 11 fish.
Rod average 4.6
Winter at last! and a few hardy souls even turned out to fish the many ice-free pegs at Sharpley Springs.The Doxford lake remains totally fish-able with the other lakes rapidly defrosting at the time of writing.
On even the coldest days trout were there for the catching with large black lures and bloodworms the standard fare.The latter were sometimes best fished statically under an indicator but at other times a dead slow figure-of-eight retrieve was the way forward.

Fly box;
black zonker
big black buzzer(static)
single strand and red-devil bloodworms
pink blob
cats whisker


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sharpley Springs 1st Report for 2013

How's it Fishing
The mild spell has made the Trout respond to its quarry. Midge hatching have seen fish rise freely.
John Walker from Bishop Auckland returned 18 Trout mainly using Zonkers. Paul Henry from Jarrow took a 14 pounder and Dan Sefton from Burnopfield returned to at 10 pounds and 11 lb 5 oz , using a Rubberlee Bibio . Rob Frame from West Denton also had a big catch of 15 fish.
The Rod average

A very welcome unseasonal mild spell has seen temperatures well in excess of the norm and both trout and its quarry has responded.Midge hatches have seen fish rising freely at times,with late morning and early afternoon the best times-but with another flurry of activity pre-dusk.Black pupae on floaters fished very well,though the dry fly angler had his share of the sport with hare's ear emergers,small brown f flies and shuttlecocks all having their moments.
Between hatches white lures fished well-the usual fritzy, whisker and zonker patterns all took fish.Bloodworms too were reliable and will continue to be so in the inevitable cold snap to follow!
Fly box;
black buzzer
hare's ear emerger
brown f
black shuttlecock
white fritz/zonker
cats whisker

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sharpley Springs on 'Tight Lines'

Sharpley Springs Fly Fishing was on Tight Lines last night. I missed viewing the program so if anyone has a review of the show please post one and I will print it here. See write posts at the bottom of the page.
Watch out in Sky as it may be on again!
Great weather to get those rods out.
Tight Lines