Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report

Weekending 9th September
How's it fishing
Cool mornings have brought a change of fortune as the Trout came up to feed in earnest last week. Andrew Cambell from Blackworth used a Black Fritz to bring a hard fighting Trout to the net weighing 12 lbs.
Bob O'Connar from Gateshead took a fine 9 pounder on a white Fluffy Cat with trout to a total of 16lbs.Jeff Darwin from Haswell netted the biggest bag of the week with 12 Rainbows.
Cool mornings brought a change of fortune as the trout came onto the feed in earnest,taking buzzers with gusto.As the same days warmed ,sport tailed off a little and the strong sun concentrate the feeding zone at four or five feet.Tinnies and blobs suspended under indicators then saved the day.
Excellent hatches of olive buzzers have been a feature of the hangman's lake in particular and the dry fly sport was consequently excellent with small,pale olive shuttlecocks and shipmans the winning patterns.The latter were especially effective fished high in the water during the throes of the hatch.
Sedge patterns remain go-to's at other times and a pupal imitation pulled through a wave could often be relied upon.Daddies abound at present and shouldn't be ignored either.
Fly box;
olive shipmans
hare's ear emerger
GRHE nymph
black buzzer
cdc sedge
whickham's fancy
Best Wishes