Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report: 31/12/2013

The Weather has been exceptionally changeable this week. We started the week with relatively mild weather for this time of the year and good fishing was had by all, with most catching double numbers using a mix of Buzzers and pinkies.

Kenny Gill from Whickham caught 15 fish, Mr.Grey from Felling caught 25  and Gareth Done from Seaham 23 across all the lakes.

Sharpley Springs offers complimentary days fishing (catch & release) to our regulars on Christmas day. We had a great turn out with Alan Woods from Seaham catching 16 in total using either a Pinky or a Black Fritz, whilst Mr.Anderson from Bedlington caught 15 using a thin Black.

Boxing day saw a great turnout with the sun shining, Chris Micalef from Stockton had the best results catching 20 fish in all using Olive Damsel.
As the winds picked up on the Friday, we didn’t see any fishing, but the 28th was a beautiful day at the lakes, with clear skies and good fishing to be had. Andy Grabham from Stockton caught 22 fish in all, with Nymph and Olive Damsel being used.

We have seen relatively mild, but unsettled weather over the weekend and Monday, the fishing has though remained good, with anglers using a mix of buzzers and olive worms successfully. 
Ben Race from Great Ayton caught 24 fish in all using Buzzers and olive worms and slow figure of eight retrieve.

As 2013 draws to an end The Big Fish of the week and one of the largest of the year was a 21LB beauty, caught by Steve Greathead from Lumley using Olive/Bloodworm from the Albert and Alice

Sharpley Springs would like to wish you all a Fantastic New Year!

Fly Box

Pinky                                                      Black Fritz
Thin Black                                              Bloodworm
Zonker                                                   Black Zonker
Olive Damsel                                         Nymph

Cormarat                                               Buzzers

Monday, December 23, 2013

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report

The unsettled weather ,predominantly from the south-west again, has kept temperatures comparatively mild so buzzers have presented in autopsies.Teams of flies that include a black pupal pattern (or Diawl Bach ) together with the obligatory bloodworm imitation (pinkies remain must-tries ) have done well.
Pulled worms were consistent too, as were the bigger lures, predominantly in black or white.
The hot spots were,again,at the upwind (flat water)and down-wind (rough water) extremes, depending on wind strength/temperature. Such considerations are vital at any time of year, but more so in the winter months. Any accumulations of warmer water will harbor a lot of trout, usually eager to feed.

Fly box::
Black buzzer
Diawl Bach
Olive worm (pulled)
Black /white zonkers
Cats whisker
Tutti Fruiti
Hares ear
White Lure
Hows it Fishing
Olive Nymph
Blood worm
Consett budgie
Cormorant Killer

Tagged Fish Christmas Bonanza
This week it has been a double Christmas Bonanza! On Tuesday 17th Geoff Curry from Durham, hauled in the first Tagged fish of the week using a Bloodworm on the Doxford, netting him and his Fishing partner Bob Chicken a whopping £500! Geoff has been fishing at Sharpley Springs since 2004 and said he was delighted.
( I think they’ll be having more than Chicken Curry this Christmas)
Then on Thursday Andy Saunders from Newton Aycliffe caught the second Tagged fish on the Alice and Albert using a Zeech. Andy had a great mornings fishing , catching 12 fish in all, which included a 6lb brown and a 8lb Bow.

Double Numbers
Jimmy Drew from Wallsend also had a good morning on Thursday, catching 19 fish in total on the Hangmans and the Noose, using Hares ear and White Luce.
On Friday am there was double figures, had by Derrick Green from Sundrland, fishing on the Hangman using an Olive Nymph he caught 10 fish in all, whilst on the Doxford Steve Crisp from Stockton caught 17 using a Blood worm and Black Buzzer.  Whilst in the afternoon Gary Mulholland  from Gateshead caught 22 fish on the Doxford using Olive Worm, whilst his fishing partner Colin Grey caught 13 using white zonker and a consett budgie. On Sunday Eric Carmichael from Rollings Gill caught 12 fish using a Pinky and Cormorant Killer

The big fish

John Hartland from Billingham caught a  a 13lb beauty on the Doxford using a Diawl Bach and Alec Harvey from Cramlington caught a 12.5 pounder using a Zonker.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Congratulations Andy Saunders for his Bumper Catch at Sharpley Springs Fly Fishery

Congratulations to Andy Saunders for hauling in the second tagged fish of the week at Sharpley Springs Fly fishery!
Andy has been fishing at Sharpley Springs Fly Fishery for the last 10 years. He had a great morning catching 15 fish in total on the Alice and Albert and another 7 on the Doxford. He netted a 6lb Brown and a 8 lb Bow, before hauling in his bumper catch using a Zeech, giving him a hefty £500 to take home! Santa certainly has come early for Andy!

Escape the Christmas Madness!

Sharpley Springs Fly Fishery, offers free catch and release fishing to all anglers on Christmas Day. If you have had too much Christmas Turkey and enough of the Christmas TV, escape to Sharpley Springs Fly Fishery for a little peace and solitude! 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tagged Fish: It was a Chicken Curry Christmas Bonanza!!

It was a Chicken Curry Christmas Bonanza at Sharpley Springs Fly Fishery this morning!

Geoff Curry from Durham caught one of the tagged fish at Sharpley Springs Fly Fishery this beautiful sunny December morning ( Tuesday 17th), so father Christmas really has come early!

Geoff was using Bloodworm on the Doxford, when he landed his impressive haul!

Geoff Curry has been fishing at Sharpley with his fishing partner Bob Chicken, also from Durham since 2004 and will both be sharing the £500 winnings! 
There are still tagged fish to be caught at Sharpley, so there still could be another Christmas Bonanza....!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Tad Blustery!

A tad blustery at times! Quieter moments though had anglers taking to the usual lakes. These were zonkers, nomads and Minkies, with black, whites and occasionally olives working. A slightly more 'natural approach' payed dividends at times with bloodworms scoring well. Pinkies remain number one, either slow drifted or suspended. Milder weather at the weekend saw fish looking up and dry. Bushy offerings were again worth a try as where Black Buzzers.
Fly Box:
Black Buzzer
Pinky Bloodworm
Olive worm
Sedge hog
Black/white Zonkers
Black and green nomad

Well done to David Todd from Gateshead for his 15lb catch using Bloodworm.

Although no double numbers in weight Alec Harvey had a good morning on the Doxford catching double numbers on the Doxford.
David Milborn also had a good morning catching double numbers over the Doxford, Hangmans and Noose using Bonnyleech.

The weather has got markedly cooler, so it will be interesting to see what the next week will bring!
We still have a couple of Tagged fish yet to be caught! I 'Brucie Bonus' before Christmas perhaps? 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Last week still saw Big Specimen Fish

How's it fishing
The big specimen fish at Sharpley are still feeding for the Winter due to relatively Mild weather. 
John Liddell from Consett caught a 17 lbs 9 oz trout on a black Lure, a new fly created by a good Sharpley Springs  Friend Dan Sefton. 
A second big specimen fish was caught by Paul Allman from Gateshead who also caught a 17 pounder.
An 11 lbs 8 oz rainbow was returned by John Parker from Stockton from a bag of eight.
The biggest bag of the week returned was Kevin Dick from Gateshead returns 18 trout using a Hairs Ear. 

The departing week was quite mild, surprisingly. Consequently the pattern of recent weeks continued.That is-all stages of the midge life-cycle but especially the larvae and ascending pupae,so black buzzers and pinky bloodworms were go-to patterns. As temperatures dropped at the start and end of the day bloodworms under indicators or dead-slow large-ish lures ( such as black zonkers or cats whiskers) did the trick.At the middle of the day, slowly figure-of-eighted unweighted buzzers or small black spidery dries provided fun.
Even greater fun,though, was to be had with low-hanging big sedge patterns fished with the ripple and made to skitter enticingly on occasion. These illicited alot of interest but alot of care was again needed to convert these into hook-ups.The forecasted cold snap may well see the end of such tactics!

Fly box;
Black buzzer
Black spider
single-strand bloodworm
Black zonker
Cats whisker
olive foam zonker
Black Lure 
Hares Ear

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report Week ending 20 th Oct 2013

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report.
How's it fishing.
Feed, feed,feed for the Winter at Sharpley Springs Fly fishing venue at the moment. The Doxford and the Alice and Albert are producing some great specimen fish at the moment as they feed on zonkers,daddies and Sedge, Buzzers and Viper.
Six big specimen Trout have been safely released this week at Sharpley, some exciting fishing!
Alan Noods from Seaham released the biggest from a bag of 12 at a whopping 20 lbs 7 oz, the fourth biggest this year, not far behind Stewart Spencer from Newcastle used a buzzer to haul in another at 20 lbs. Paul walton from Kingston Park estimated his was between 18 and 20 lbs from a total of 13 fish. Gareth Tilley used a Olive Worm to bring a 17lb 8oz Trout to the net from 14. C Gordon from South Shields returned a 16 pounder and Eric Carmichael from Rowlands Gill a 13 pounder. Sharpley did not only produce huge Specimens this week, bag sizes were up as well with Marc Lowes from Hartlepool netting a massive 44 on five lakes.
Rod average
Tag fish still unclaimed in the Alice and Albert or the Doxford lakes at £500

Cooler temperatures have resulted in a greater need for calories so larger offerings have been effective. Some good bags were taken to floating zonkers ,daddies and stimulator sedges. All provided exciting top-of-the-water sport and a pleasant change from the smallish emergers and nymphs that have worked so well of late. These still have their moments though and no angler should ignore the olive buzzers that are the Sharpley staple.
 Black wing-drying adult midge initiated some splashy rises this week with hackle-clipped black spiders proving their worth both dry and just under.
 Fly box:
 Olive buzzer pupae
 Black spider
 Hares ear emerger
 GRHE nymph
 Zonkers (olive/black)
Dry Beetle

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report Week Ending 13th October

How's it Fishing
Big Fishing are still feeding before the Winter at Sharpley with Three Big fish being caught in one day at Sharpley. Simon Nicholl  from Annfield Plain netted to Massive doubles at 22 and 21 lbs . Dickie Lawson from Newcastle also brought to his net a fully Finned  19 lbs 9 oz rainbow trout from a catch of 9, all were returned safely. 
Edd Dunbar from Washington returned 16 trout to 8 lbs, on a second visit returned his best of the week a 10 pounder. James Stephenson visiting from Great Ayton netted 25 fish. 
Rod Average

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sharpley Springs Fishing Tactics for August

How's it Fishing
The full moon brought  big Sharpley Trout to the surface using a   Yellow Pheasant Tail Nymph . Dave Robson from Seaham netted this huge 17 lb 14 oz Rainbow Trout, the third biggest fish of the Year at Sharpley. Brian Lambert from Sunderland took a 13 pounder on a Black Orange Lure, Dave Todd from Gateshead netted 16 Trout on CDC's and Diawl Bach. Dave Leonard from Felling also had a bonazza fish on the Doxford lake with 15 trout returned using Green lure with George Weasley from Gateshead netting 21 trout up too 6 pounds.
Rod average 3.2   

More typical temperatures have increased sport with renewed buzzer activity to complement the olives,sedges and damsels that have become the mainstay over recent weeks.
Green midge have been especially evident in the magnificent evening rises.The water has been alive with actively feeding trout at times. Dry fly has outfished the opposition with both shipmans buzzer and foam headed emergers devastatingly effective at times.
In the absence of a midge hatch a twitched brown sedge or dry invicta has taken good fish - and daddies too,of course ,are coming increasingly into the fore.

Fly box:
          Olive shipmans
           Pheasant tail spinner
           Black emerger
            Sedge hog
            Damsel nymph/adult
            Silver invicta
            Waddam's hare's ear
            Olive wooly bugger

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sharpley Springs Fishery Report

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report

Hows it Fishing
Last week due to the cooler weather and spasmodic rain showers saw bigger fish coming up to feed on Midge hatching and adult Damsels at Sharpley Springs. Plenty of sedge on the Cuthberts Halt and great top of the water action on the Hangman. Richard Brown from Stockton "cast out 40 feet and slow retrieved" to net a Brown trout at 15 lbs 5 ozs and another a 11 pounder on a Sedge.
Stephen Greathead a regular at Sharpley used a fluffy Cat to claim his 16lb 8oz Rainbow  Trout.
Dave Valley from Wallsend used a nomad to bring a 14 pounder to his net, C Veasley from Gateshead caught 21 fish to 6lbs 5ozs.  Steve Sanderson from Cramlington returned 18 trout mainly on buzzers.
Here at Sharpley we have been trimming the wonderful variety  of Aquatic Plants that produces Sharpleys very varied fly life.
Rod average 4.8 
Anglers fishing early and late continue to be the most successful with temperatures lowering and the welcome rain saw Saturday, with some welcome cloud and resident fish willing to rise to spasmodic midge hatches and occasionally,more splashilly ,to adult damsels and sedge. Imitations of both of these are tempting trout with green peters and g and h sedge reliable copies of the latter. Blue ,male,adult damsels can evoke violent reactions at the margins whilst the nymph is a classic go-to pattern at this time of year.

Fly box:
G and H sedge
Green Peter
Olive shuttlecock
Adult damsel
Damsel nymph
GRHE nymph
Caenis dun/spent spinner

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Stay and Fly Fish Weekends

Come and Fly Fish at Sharpley Springs
and enjoy an overnight stay at one of the North of England's best kept secrets Boutique Bed and Breakfast " Hideaway at Herrington"
We can do a bespoke package for two full day Fly Fishing ( including taking up to 3 fish home), picnic lunch, and overnight accommodation at this luxury accommodation set in private ground.
Transport from Durham train station is Free and a complimentary bottle of Bubbly will greet you on your arrival,
This package is based on two people sharing ,starts at £199 per night, including the above. We can also arrange transport (at competitive rates) for a night to one of the Uk top city's for a special night out in Newcastle. Please ask when you book on
07771933996 for availability.

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report to 2nd July

How's it fishing
Plenty of big fish caught again this week, the Sharpley lakes all saw high midge activity morning and late evening. some of the notable Big fish caught were a Massive 19lb 7oz Trout caught on a Pinky by David Nunn from Morpeth. This big fish was kindly released to see another day. Glenn Appleby from Peterlee again fished well bring to the net 35 fish this week. Ben Race from Great Ayton took a 13 pounder and John Webb from Stokesley a 10lb 8oz rainbow taken on Dries and buzzers. Tim Martin also from Great Ayton used a floating line to catch a beautifully silvered Blue at 13 lbs 4 ozs.
This week saw excellent midge hatches for those arriving early or staying late.The latter were also greeted with plenty of sedge activity.
Sedge patterns are becoming more and more reliable as summer sets in for real. The best imitations have been CDC patterns and invictas in a variety of guises.A ginked up wing fishes it semi dry and makes an excellent static emerger fly when pulling becomes tiresome.
Pond olives are hatching virtually throughout the day now and hares ear emergers are consequently very good,especially fished close in.It is worth experimenting with traditional upright dries too.
Fly box:
Hares ear emerger
GRHE nymph
Dry Adams
Dry male damsel
Olive buzzer pupae
CDC sedge
Silver invicta
Best wishes to all,

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report ending 26 th June

Hows it fishing
Great early morning and late evening raises have kept anglers late at Sharpley, not wanting to leave the lakes!
Jason Hughes from Haswell saw the biggest bag of the week with two entered for the Trout Fisherman both rainbows the biggest on the first cast of the day was a "good, hard fighting" 11 lbs 7 oz Rainbow and the second double took Jason to the backing twice with a 15 min fight, coming in at 13lbs.
Other notable doubles were caught by Ben Rock from Great Ayton using a buzzer to a net a 13 pounder,Ray nicholas a 14 pounder on a Blood worm,Jimmy drew another 14 pounder on a damsel fly. Mark Newton from South Shield a 12lb 8oz fish.George Craggs from Great Lumley brought to the net 26 on a full days ticket.
The two biggest doubles were caught by Andy Waring from Whitburn at a whopping 20lbs 5ozs,James from Great Ayton with a 16lbs 2oz from a bag of 20 and Andy Hudson from Sunderland a 15lb 8oz trout.
Rod average
2 Tagged fish are still escaping the anglers

Once again,early and late anglers saw the best of the sport with afternoons challenging but equally as interesting.
Green and black buzzers were in abundance and as their hatches dwindled so pond olives appeared and,together with marginal damsels,captivated the interest of the trout.Noisy,splashy rises almost certainly due to either these,wing-drying upright pond olive Duns,or sedges. The latter have been in much greater numbers this week with larger mottled browns and smallish blacks showing. The consequence has been dramatically increased interest in surface skating offerings-and exciting angling.Gangly daddies too have taken fish.

Fly box:
Black buzzer
Olive nymph
Here's ear emerger
Green shuttlecock
CDC sedge
Black and peacock
Black zonked
All the best

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Testimonial from Jeff fishing on the Drovers Halt

'I’d like to pass on my most sincere thanks for allowing Dan, Will and myself to use the Drovers Halt on Saturday afternoon. The kids caught 6 fish (all lovingly returned) and thoroughly enjoyed their introduction to fly fishing.'

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report

How's it fishing
Tremendous fly life this week, with damsel flies mating and sedges hatching, pond olives and hawthorns. What a great summery week with plenty of swallows dipping in the evening. Some beautiful brownies, around the margins Howard Robson from Ryton netted a10 pound rainbow from a bag of 12. Although Fishing was a bit slow due to the hot weather, some big bags of fish when netted. Jimmy Drew from Wallsend, returns 17, Dave Robson from Seaham had 15 trout .
2 Tag fish are still waiting at £500 each
Rid average


Very warm weather-whatever next!
This week has suddenly turned Summery -and consequently quite challenging at times.
Mornings started with a good,early buzzer hatch,supplemented with a smattering of pond olives.As the sun got higher surface activity slowed but hawthorns or black f,s could still encouraged surface takes. Also the marginal brown trout stalking was excellent with beetles and hawthorns taken with gusto. Some beautiful brownies were taken by those prepared to be stealthy-and make good use of their Polaroids.
Damsels mated in the warmth and sedges hatched in the evenings. Ahh !
Fly box;
Black beetle
Damsel nymph
Black/olive buzzer
CDC sedge
Silver invicta
Black f

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report week ending 2nd June

Sharpley springs fishing Report
Hows it Fishing
Sharpley Springs has hatched an abundance of very good variety of fly's this week on all lakes, making sport very interesting and challenging with both waterborne and terrestrials Evening rises at Sharpley have been the best this year with fishermen of all ability's enjoying the sport and taking advantage of the late fishing at Sharpley, up to 10 pm . Paul Kirkhouse from Sunderland returned a Rainbow trout of 13lbs 8 oz and Steven Greathead took a 11 lb 6oz trout on a four hour ticket. Plenty of fish were netted by Colin Bewick from Sunderland with 17 fish and Gary Bewick with 15. Paul Talbot visiting from Cramlington netted a bag of 12 trout, Jim Johnston from Bedlington caught 19 Trout also Alan Swales a local from Ryhope 16. The Biggest bag of the week was caught by Paul Cranston from Rowlands Gill totaling 28.
Rod average
Despite the big bags netted this week the tag fish remain uncaught with 2 fish at £500 each!

This week has seen extremely varied fly life as the temperatures tried their best to turn summery.The weekend,in particular had both water-borne and terrestrial life on and in the water to excite both trout and angler.

The warmth encouraged falls of beetle,black gnats,spiders,alder and small hawthorns,so no surprise that small black dries in a variety of guises scored well..These terrestrials were supplemented by excellent midge hatches from the lakes themselves-many different species though predominantly olive. Pond olives too put in an appearance so hare's ears could be added to the fisherman's armoury.
Evening rises were excellent,with smallish Shipman's buzzers one of the best patterns.
Things,at last ,look set to continue to improve.

fly box;
olive shipmans
black buzzer
black foam beetle
black gnat
black and peacock spider
Pond Olives
What a great week summer at last!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sharpley Spring Fishing Report ending May 5th

How's it fishing
The biggest fish caught this week was by Paul Weathering from Prudhoe,with a Fifteen pounder using a Montana. Paul netted 14 Trout in total.
The Appleby's Peter and son's Dean and Glen who fish regularly at Sharpley have released 57 Trout this week with Peter catching the Biggest bag of the week with 19 fish. Gary and Brian Mulholland from Gateshead both returned 18 fish each. Adam Collinson from Weardale used a Damsel to net a 12 pounder. Steve King had fish to 8 lbs using a Diawl Bach.

There were some fine hatches of buzzer this week and the less windy days saw excellent angling.
The Hangman's lake had good emergences of small green and grey midge right throughout the mornings and the best catching methods involved small pale olive emergers in 16 and 18. Small green parachutes also fitted the bill from time to time. Cool breezes unfortunately subdued these hatches on some days, indeed every day was different,see-sawing between olive buzzers and bright ,windy days that had a smattering of black midge mixed with terrestrial beetles big and small. Black dries worked on these occasions.Foam beetles,black f's and dry Kate McClaren fished well in the ripple.
Weekend warmth had the first of the season's hawthorn flies putting in an appearance though it will be a few days yet before the residents switch on to them.
Keep an eye out for black gnats too,should this welcome warmth continue

Fly box:
Olive sugar-cube
Black shuttlecock
Green/grey shipmans
Gold head damsel
Kate McClaren
Olive parachute
Black and peacock spider
Copper wire buzzer
Diawl Bach

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report week ending April 28th

How's it Fishing
Some excellent fishing last week with a timely return to both morning and evening rises when temperatures allow, they are rising all the time at present! Biggest of the week of the last ten days is a huge 19 lb 6 oz Rainbow brought to the net by Peter Appleby from Durham using a Appleby special worm on a 4lb leader.
Glenn Appleby and Dean returned a massive 55 fish from the Doxford Lake last week and from Washington Edd Dunbar's best Trout was a 9 pounder from a total of 7.
Bill Bain also from Washington also caught 26 trout. Two hard fighting 8 pounders were taken by both John Ord and and Dave Cardwell from Darlington, both netted over 10 fish each.

Some excellent fishing this week with a timely return to both morning and evening rises when temperatures allow.There were desperate efforts to initiate a proper Spring as the thermometer showed signs of rising-until Friday when the jet stream moved south-again-bringing altogether cooler weather and a lot less midgy sport.
Prior to this both sub-surface pupae and emergent dries accounted for fish.Of the latter,foam-heads in black, olive and brown have all had their moments.On windier days,it payed to fish them within 3 meters of the upwind (calm) banks where the trout were picking off recently emerged midges that were just beginning to drift whilst wing-drying.In any case the resident brownies have returned to their marginal patrol routes so close in is a good place to start.
We open at 6 am to be on the water at 6.30 am and close 40 min after Dusk, The latest time to be off the water in the summer is 10 pm, this is to let Anglers fishing at the best part of the Day.
Tagged fish
2 x £500

fly box;
Black/Olive buzzer
Hare's ear/black/olive foam-head emergers
Emerger Black spider
Black f fly
Daddies (for the first time this season)
Black/green nomads
Hare's ear waddam's
Blood worm
Pheasant tail

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Troutmaster Winner

Steve Greathead receives his award and sponsorship to go forward in the National Final later this year. 2nd Paul Runec followed by Last Years Winner Paul Fenny
Well done Everyone including Dave Mordue. Rod average 7.4.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report Weekending 14th April

How's it fishing
At last the jet stream made Fishing easier at the beginning of the week, high winds at the end has made fishing challenging, despite this there has been some good catches with Steve Greathead from Chester-le-Street, last weeks winner of the Trout Master Fish off returned one of Sharpley s best fish at a massive 17lbs 5oz. Steve used a Blackworm on a sinking line to bring this whopper to the net.
John Sharma and Peter Appleby from Ryhope and Bishop Auckland both had the biggest catch of the day with 14 trout each using Blobs on a sinking line. Neil Urwin from Hexham again had a double at 10lbs on a Hares Ear.

At last! The jet stream has shifted and the weather has reverted to normality with mild south-westerlies at the end of the week but on Monday the wind was strong over the North East.
As if pre-empting this change at the weekend trout started to feed quite freely on hatching midge at the surface towards the end of the week,though temperatures remained cool.It warmed noticeably on Saturday and the trout(and water-borne insect life) responded well. Good sport was had to buzzer pupae and dries. Sunday saw even warmer temperatures though the wind was near impossible to handle on the exposed pegs.Good fish were taken-especially, as might have been expected,from downwind banks-though the casting was challenging!
Quickly-moved lures scored too.
Assuming the warmer weather continues there should be some excellent buzzer fishing to be had in the coming weeks.

fly box;
black buzzers
black shuttlecock
Black nomad
hare's ear emerger
diawl bach
Secret squirrel

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Easter Holidays at Sharpley

Grace Zac and Amirah are having a brilliant time at Sharpley Springs Trout fishing Lakes. In half an hour they had already caught plenty of trout on the little Alice Lake, this is a children's only worm lake at Sharpley Springs. The photos show everything!!!
They are off to Down at the Farm next all within 1 mile of each other near Seaham and Houghton-le-spring.
Lots for children to do!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report ending 24th March

How's it fishing
Plenty of doubles and big catches this week despite the severe cold. The best day to fish was Thursday when buzzer activity increased due to the warmer,balmy,weather.
Big bags were netted , there were plenty in the 14 to 18 range ,two with 18 trout each netted by Graham Peart from Peterlee and Edd Dunbar from Washington.
Double were caught by Colin Berwick from South Shields and Anthony Meadows both with 12 pounders. Keith Bowes from Ellington took a 14lb Rainbow on a Yellow Dancer.
Fishermen stayed the course by retreating to the warmth of the lodge drinking plenty of complimentary tea and coffee before braving the elements once again.
Rod average was 5.1
The results of the Greys Fishing competition
1st Glen Appleby, 11 fish using buzzers and indicator
2nd Antony Meadows
3rd Dean Appleby

Usually, by now there would be a black buzzer fest and some of the season's finest floating line angling.Usually.
Good fish were landed though-but mainly to slowly fished lures and bloodworm imitations.
A hint of warmth (a balmy 7) on Thursday afternoon did see buzzers taken by Sharpley's trout but this was short lived as the Baltic Easterley kicked in.
Given a change of airstream to the more usual mild south-westerlies midge pupae will immediately be on the menu and the obvious pegs will be those downwind ones that require an element of casting into the wind.

fly box;
black buzzer
black nomad/zonker
red devil
okey dokey
cats whisker

Best wishes,

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report week ending 10th March

Hows it fishing
A good end to the Winter season as it closes to an end, Spring resurfacing in the middle of the week bringing with it small terrestrial beetles and spiders.
The biggest catch is a huge Rainbow Trout weighing a massive 25lbs, safely returned by John Tuff from Ouston from a total of 8 netted using a Black Lure. Another great fully finned fish at 15 pounds was again returned safely by Paul Davison of Murton , using a black Buzzer.
A fully finned double fish were caught by Neil Tomselli from Wallsend taking a 12lb 8oz Rainbow Trout. David Mc Kenna returned a 14 lb plus fish with 9 others. Bill Bain from Witton caught trout between 6lbs and 9lbs as well as D Redpath from Ellington with 3 Trout for 18 lbs from a bag of 14 fish, Fred Dunbar returned a 12 pounder and finally Gary Mulholland who also caught a double at 10lb .
Rod average 4.3

Spring resurfaced on Tuesday and brought with it another batch of small, black terrestrial beetles and small brown spiders.The trout though,enjoyed the black buzzer pupae brought on by the comparative warmth, so buzzer tactics were again the best way to connect with them. Smallish and black with either white or orange wing-buds did the trick.
Alas, by the weekend winter had produced its death throes and sport slowed markedly with larger lures and dead slow retrieves the order of the day.

Fly box;
black buzzer
olive/amber worm
damsel nymph
black nomad/zonker
cats whisker

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sharpley Springs latest Fishing Report

How's it fishing
Sharpley Springs remains open despite the very wintry weather. Hardy anglers brave the elements, catching plenty of fish.The Fritz and Fly competition was held at Sharpley last week the winner was John Maguire from Newbottle with 9 Trout caught with blood worm, Black lures and Fritz. Gareth Tilley from Lanchester as second Steve Greathead from Lumley was third. Tom Stephenson from Rowlands Gill took the biggest double of the week with a fully finned Rainbow of 14lbs 11oz . The biggest bag of the week was netted by Tom as well returning 17 in total and Geoff Curry from Durham returned 11 fish.
Rod average 4.6
Winter at last! and a few hardy souls even turned out to fish the many ice-free pegs at Sharpley Springs.The Doxford lake remains totally fish-able with the other lakes rapidly defrosting at the time of writing.
On even the coldest days trout were there for the catching with large black lures and bloodworms the standard fare.The latter were sometimes best fished statically under an indicator but at other times a dead slow figure-of-eight retrieve was the way forward.

Fly box;
black zonker
big black buzzer(static)
single strand and red-devil bloodworms
pink blob
cats whisker


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sharpley Springs 1st Report for 2013

How's it Fishing
The mild spell has made the Trout respond to its quarry. Midge hatching have seen fish rise freely.
John Walker from Bishop Auckland returned 18 Trout mainly using Zonkers. Paul Henry from Jarrow took a 14 pounder and Dan Sefton from Burnopfield returned to at 10 pounds and 11 lb 5 oz , using a Rubberlee Bibio . Rob Frame from West Denton also had a big catch of 15 fish.
The Rod average

A very welcome unseasonal mild spell has seen temperatures well in excess of the norm and both trout and its quarry has responded.Midge hatches have seen fish rising freely at times,with late morning and early afternoon the best times-but with another flurry of activity pre-dusk.Black pupae on floaters fished very well,though the dry fly angler had his share of the sport with hare's ear emergers,small brown f flies and shuttlecocks all having their moments.
Between hatches white lures fished well-the usual fritzy, whisker and zonker patterns all took fish.Bloodworms too were reliable and will continue to be so in the inevitable cold snap to follow!
Fly box;
black buzzer
hare's ear emerger
brown f
black shuttlecock
white fritz/zonker
cats whisker

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sharpley Springs on 'Tight Lines'

Sharpley Springs Fly Fishing was on Tight Lines last night. I missed viewing the program so if anyone has a review of the show please post one and I will print it here. See write posts at the bottom of the page.
Watch out in Sky as it may be on again!
Great weather to get those rods out.
Tight Lines