Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report Week ending 20 th Oct 2013

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report.
How's it fishing.
Feed, feed,feed for the Winter at Sharpley Springs Fly fishing venue at the moment. The Doxford and the Alice and Albert are producing some great specimen fish at the moment as they feed on zonkers,daddies and Sedge, Buzzers and Viper.
Six big specimen Trout have been safely released this week at Sharpley, some exciting fishing!
Alan Noods from Seaham released the biggest from a bag of 12 at a whopping 20 lbs 7 oz, the fourth biggest this year, not far behind Stewart Spencer from Newcastle used a buzzer to haul in another at 20 lbs. Paul walton from Kingston Park estimated his was between 18 and 20 lbs from a total of 13 fish. Gareth Tilley used a Olive Worm to bring a 17lb 8oz Trout to the net from 14. C Gordon from South Shields returned a 16 pounder and Eric Carmichael from Rowlands Gill a 13 pounder. Sharpley did not only produce huge Specimens this week, bag sizes were up as well with Marc Lowes from Hartlepool netting a massive 44 on five lakes.
Rod average
Tag fish still unclaimed in the Alice and Albert or the Doxford lakes at £500

Cooler temperatures have resulted in a greater need for calories so larger offerings have been effective. Some good bags were taken to floating zonkers ,daddies and stimulator sedges. All provided exciting top-of-the-water sport and a pleasant change from the smallish emergers and nymphs that have worked so well of late. These still have their moments though and no angler should ignore the olive buzzers that are the Sharpley staple.
 Black wing-drying adult midge initiated some splashy rises this week with hackle-clipped black spiders proving their worth both dry and just under.
 Fly box:
 Olive buzzer pupae
 Black spider
 Hares ear emerger
 GRHE nymph
 Zonkers (olive/black)
Dry Beetle

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report Week Ending 13th October

How's it Fishing
Big Fishing are still feeding before the Winter at Sharpley with Three Big fish being caught in one day at Sharpley. Simon Nicholl  from Annfield Plain netted to Massive doubles at 22 and 21 lbs . Dickie Lawson from Newcastle also brought to his net a fully Finned  19 lbs 9 oz rainbow trout from a catch of 9, all were returned safely. 
Edd Dunbar from Washington returned 16 trout to 8 lbs, on a second visit returned his best of the week a 10 pounder. James Stephenson visiting from Great Ayton netted 25 fish. 
Rod Average