Monday, August 18, 2014

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report ending 17 th August

How's it fishing
At last cool weather has seen Trout more active and less challenging for the angler . Bigger catches this week and better rod average. Peter Chippendale from Whitley Bay returned 17 caught mainly on Fritz, Yellow Buzzers . Neil Jones from Holystone, returned 10 and took a catch his favourite fly were Olive and White Buzzers. Andy Rope from Sunderland netted 13 and David Todd from Gateshead 14 Rainbows, using CDC and Buzzers. The best catch was from Graham Young from Hebburn netting 18 on a PTN .
The biggest double this week was caught by Tom Jones from Washington weighing a good 15lbs, fly used for this Whopper was a Green CDC. John Iredale from Rowlands Gill returned 13lb 5oz Trout. 
Rod average
Shipmans buzzer given cloud and sub-surface dimply rises, these were easily the most effective pattern.
At times, in the sun, a few black terrestrials (various beetle species ) found themselves on the water ( and consequently in autopsies ) and so beetles and that old go-to the black and peacock spider saw some success.
Griffith's gnat again represented best the skittering small adult black midges.These,along with the still present upright olives, were responsible for many of the splashier rises.
Sunny days are great for stalking Sharpley's quality brownies-just remember they will spot you long before you see them so use all the stealth you can muster!

Fly box:
Olive /hares ear
White/Green Buzzers
Green shuttlecock
Damsel nymph
Caenis dun
Fluff cat
GRHE nymph