Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sharpley Springs latest fishing report

How's it Fishing
Milder days saw large bags and Double figure Trout netted at Sharpley this week. Andy Cambell from Blackworth took a 10 pounder on a Cats Whisker.
Steve Crisp from Stockton netted over 16 trout on the Noose. The biggest double was a whooping over wintered 16lb 8 oz trout taken by Tom Ryan from Neecastle, John Shema from Ryhope returned a 12lb 8 oz Rainbow. Gary Mulholland from Gateshead was first in quantity with a huge bag netted at 29 fish. Andy Crab from Longnewton  got second prize in quantity with 27 trout this week.
Rod average was up this week

A couple of milder days midweek saw improved fortunes,with bloodworms and large buzzer pupae again on the menu.The comparative warmth was,unfortunately,short-lived and larger lures performed better by the weekend.Cats whiskers have been consistently good in recent weeks and this was no exception.Large zonkers,minkie's and nomads have been worth a shout too.
Visiting anglers would be well advised to try pinkies or other leggy bloodworm patterns,particularly on cooler days,with the addition of a buzzer on a dropper perhaps on milder ones.
Fly box:
Black buzzer
Red devil
Cats whisker
White zonker
Grey minkie's/appetiser
Sunburst blo