Wednesday, August 29, 2012

'Saying of the day'

A woman who has never seen her husband fishing,

doesn’t know what a patient man she married !

Tight lines

Sharpley Springs Weekly Fishing Report

Hows it Fishing
Plenty of Midge of all sizes abound with Angler,

Michael Turner from Bishop Auckland netted a catch of fish to over 30lbs with 18 being released. Anthony Brough also from Bishop Auckland released 17, ten from the Doxford.Tom Hope returned a naturalised Browny from the Doxford.Paul Metcalf from Gateshead caught the catch of the month with a whopping 17 pounder taken on an Olive emerger . Plenty of good quality stock with the Tagged fish up to £500x 2.

Plenty of midge of all sizes abound though the massive buzzers of early summer are long gone and there are plenty of tiny species around that are very difficult to imitate.many of these are light green and equivalent to a size 30 or so!
Afternoons again saw sedges hatching-along with the now ubiquitous damsels.During a sedge hatch a ginked-up invicta was hard to beat-though brown foam emerges we're a close second.
Large daddies are still good go-to patterns

Fly box:
Damsel nymph/adult
Black buzzer
Green f/shuttlecock
Sedge hog
Hares ear foam head

Monday, August 27, 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fly Fishing 'the latest report'

Olive hoppers and daddies , the fishing is really good at the moment

Thanks Blogger

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fly Fishing, the latest Report

hi does anybody no how sharply is fishing and what flies are best there at the moment many thanks

The Latest tactic for fishing at Sharpley

Plenty of fish stocked and some doubles up to 15 pounds.
Plenty in the mid range 5/8 lbs went in on fish stocking day.
The tagged fish is at £500 x 2
Rod average 4.1

Damsels and sedge have abounded in the warm weather,the former during the warmest part of the day and the sedges paticularly evident during the last hour of daylight.These evening sessions have provided excellent dry fly angling with emergent buzzers in their usual guises(shipmans and shuttlecocks) and the sedges in theirs.CDC dries,invictas sedge and halfhogs,g and h sedge and hare's ear emergers have all taken sedge-feeders.
Unusually for this time of year, black buzzers have fished well and size 14 pupae have seen nets wetted.
There were a few black gnats around last week as well so black spiders and knotted midge fished.
The odd daddy and beetle are still bringing up trout but bigger bags can be had by taking advantage of the pond olive hatch.Hare's ear shuttlecocks in small sizes and light olive f's are the way forward at this time.

Fly box;
hare's ear shuttlecock/shipman's
olive f
black buzzer
sedge patterns(see above)
black gnat
damsel nymph
black spider

Great day at Sharpley

Gary Smith from Gateshead, Tyne & Wear pictured outside the Sharpley Springs Lodge used a Oliver Hopper today to catch a 8lb 8oz Rainbow trout on the Doxford fly fishing lake.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Children's Worm lake

Amirah, Zac and Saul are ready to BQ their catch at home after fishing at Sharpley Springs Fishing Lakes just off the A 19 near Sunderland/Durham on the B1404.They caught 5 fish in total.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

"Flying Fish at Sharpley"

"Flying Fish at Sharpley":

I'm a regular at Sharpley Springs as it's very local, but it's the quality of these fish and the quality of the fishing that keeps me coming back.
You will find my personal recommendation at


Friday, August 3, 2012

Flying Fish at Sharpley

Sharpley Springs close to Durham/Sunderland/Newcastle, saw Simon stock with a bumper stock of Rainbows this week from 2 plus pounds to 14 lbs.
The children's fishing ponds also saw bumper stock.
Tagged fish up to £500