Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report

How's it fishing
Tremendous fly life this week, with damsel flies mating and sedges hatching, pond olives and hawthorns. What a great summery week with plenty of swallows dipping in the evening. Some beautiful brownies, around the margins Howard Robson from Ryton netted a10 pound rainbow from a bag of 12. Although Fishing was a bit slow due to the hot weather, some big bags of fish when netted. Jimmy Drew from Wallsend, returns 17, Dave Robson from Seaham had 15 trout .
2 Tag fish are still waiting at £500 each
Rid average


Very warm weather-whatever next!
This week has suddenly turned Summery -and consequently quite challenging at times.
Mornings started with a good,early buzzer hatch,supplemented with a smattering of pond olives.As the sun got higher surface activity slowed but hawthorns or black f,s could still encouraged surface takes. Also the marginal brown trout stalking was excellent with beetles and hawthorns taken with gusto. Some beautiful brownies were taken by those prepared to be stealthy-and make good use of their Polaroids.
Damsels mated in the warmth and sedges hatched in the evenings. Ahh !
Fly box;
Black beetle
Damsel nymph
Black/olive buzzer
CDC sedge
Silver invicta
Black f

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