Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report week ending 2nd June

Sharpley springs fishing Report
Hows it Fishing
Sharpley Springs has hatched an abundance of very good variety of fly's this week on all lakes, making sport very interesting and challenging with both waterborne and terrestrials Evening rises at Sharpley have been the best this year with fishermen of all ability's enjoying the sport and taking advantage of the late fishing at Sharpley, up to 10 pm . Paul Kirkhouse from Sunderland returned a Rainbow trout of 13lbs 8 oz and Steven Greathead took a 11 lb 6oz trout on a four hour ticket. Plenty of fish were netted by Colin Bewick from Sunderland with 17 fish and Gary Bewick with 15. Paul Talbot visiting from Cramlington netted a bag of 12 trout, Jim Johnston from Bedlington caught 19 Trout also Alan Swales a local from Ryhope 16. The Biggest bag of the week was caught by Paul Cranston from Rowlands Gill totaling 28.
Rod average
Despite the big bags netted this week the tag fish remain uncaught with 2 fish at £500 each!

This week has seen extremely varied fly life as the temperatures tried their best to turn summery.The weekend,in particular had both water-borne and terrestrial life on and in the water to excite both trout and angler.

The warmth encouraged falls of beetle,black gnats,spiders,alder and small hawthorns,so no surprise that small black dries in a variety of guises scored well..These terrestrials were supplemented by excellent midge hatches from the lakes themselves-many different species though predominantly olive. Pond olives too put in an appearance so hare's ears could be added to the fisherman's armoury.
Evening rises were excellent,with smallish Shipman's buzzers one of the best patterns.
Things,at last ,look set to continue to improve.

fly box;
olive shipmans
black buzzer
black foam beetle
black gnat
black and peacock spider
Pond Olives
What a great week summer at last!

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