Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report to 23 rd Dec

Plenty of wind and just a touch of water too! Fortunately the rain and breeze that greeted us from mid-week onwards was comparatively mild-especially at the weekend so the fish were to be seen a little higher in the water than of late.They were keen to feed on swiftly pulled worms and lures at the downwind pegs and temperatures were mild enough for black midge to hatch. Lightly weighted pupae with white or orange cheeks did the trick- on floaters and leaders that weren't too long!
Given another cold snap anglers need to slow things right down and possibly head back to the calm water at the top of the wind-where fish can often be tempted from the top with tiny emergers and f's.
Fly box;
black buzzer
bloodworm variants
black zonker
black/green nomad
cats whisker
goldhead GRHE
daiwl bach

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