Monday, December 10, 2012

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report 9/12/2012

Sharpley Springs near Seaham/Durham/Sunderland
How's it Fishing.
Despite the freezing temperatures Sharpley again proved why its maritime influences make it a popular angling venue by remaining ice-free,at least on the largest, Doxford lake.
This lake fished well and gave up good bags to anglers prepared to react to the conditions and fish a little deeper-and dead slowly!Bloodwormy imitations were again first-choicers,though slowly twitched white or grey lures with plenty of natural movement proved their worth too.
Given warmer temperatures next week anglers would do well to head to the "difficult" bottom-of-the-wind pegs where the warmer water congregates.Pinkies and biggish black buzzer pupae swung around on the breeze have got to be worth a cast.

Fly box;
black buzzer
natural rabbit zonker
black nomad
cats whisker
yellow blob
copper wire buzzer
Warm centrally heated Fishing Lodge
Rod average 3.7
Still a tagged fish, £500 on the Tag

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