Monday, January 5, 2015

How's it Fishing
The week started mildly with Buzzers and Bloodworm, however on frosty mornings you may need to try flys fished static under a Blob. 

Christmas Day brought 8 anglers celebrating good complementary catches and Boxing Day saw  two Trout at 14lbs returned by Kevin Hopper from Burraden and A Westgarth from Greenside.
Cris Nickaller from Stockton  Two lads from Middlesborough both released 20 each, Lee Clarke and Steve Park using a Pinky and a Wicket White.
Andy Grabham from Low Newton returned 14 . David Todd from Gateshead netted a total of 14 using Nymph and Squigly.  
A double was returned by Dave Robson from Seaham at 12lb 6 oz from a bag of 11 fish using a Fritz .
The week started mildly with buzzers and bloodworm imitations successful but after a wet mid-week interlude, things turned chilly. The big lures that have worked of late then came back to the fore with zonkers reliable patterns.
Largish buzzers in black and Apps style leggy bloodworms should continue their success given relative warmth,otherwise retrieves will need to be slowed considerably or flies fished static,  under bobs.

Fly box:
Black buzzer
Yellow/orange bloodworm
Black/white zonker
Happy New Year All
Carole and Simon

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