Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sharpley Springs Fishing report week ending 19th October

How's it Fishing 

A quieter week due to various weather patterns. However some big catchers was still to be had. 
John Shema from Ryhope netted 17 fish menu using sinking lines,
Simon Nichols from Anfield Plain, released 15 Trout. 
David Brown from West) use plonkers blobs and Hopper flies to release 10 fish.
Another mixed week of weather has meant a variety of methods have been successful.
Traditional buzzer fishing with floating lines and longish leaders - and black or olive pupal patterns-took trout. The same set up with a slowly drifted Diawl Bach or black nymph also worked.
Dry flies were taken well too, with black and hares ear emerging imitations good for the midge feeders whilst trout looking up in a good ripple are still fooled by buoyant daddylonglegs patterns or stimulators.
Cooler days at the start of the week had Sharpley's rainbows chasing cats whiskers and zonkers. White patterns are becoming more and more reliable as fishy thoughts are turning to autumnal fry gorging in preparation for leaner times ahead.

Fly box:
  Black/olive buzzers
  Diawl Bach
  Hares ear emerger
  Black spider (dry or just sub-surface)
  Detached daddy
  Brown hopper
  Green stimulator
  White zonkers
Rod average 4.1

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