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Sharpley Springs Fly Fishing Report March 31st

How's it Fishing
Excellent midge hatches have occurred most days,despite the relatively cool  
Great catches despite the cool weather the biggest a 16lb 7oz Trout returned on the Doxford by Malcolm Robinson from Bedlington. Jon Fairburn from Sunderland also returned a 14 pounder using a Damsel from a bag of 4 on a 4 hour ticket. 
John Whitelock returned a fine naturalised Brownie again caught on the Doxford. Big catches this week came from Ian Richardson from New Hartley and Steve Harding from Sunderland both netting 14 fish.
The best bags netted by Mitch Fawes from Blyth and Dave Leonard from Felling both with 17 Trout each.
Howard Robinson from Ryton caught a fine 9 pounder from a bag of 33 using a Blob .
Paul Steward visiting from Guisbough using a combination of coloured Buzzers caught a fully finned 14 pounder.
Try a dry fly on your next visit ! 
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Rod average 4.2
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Excellent midge hatches have occurred most days,despite the relatively cool conditions.Indeed,given cloud cover,rises have been quite consistent,all day.
Dry fly angling has been very good,albeit not simple-quality ,challenging angling.
Though midges of several species have been evident the majority of the trout fell to either medium sized blacks or smallish browny olives.The latter initiated steady rises from margin -hugging residents and these fish could be fooled by tiny brownish emergers-so long as they moved on a drag-free path,downwind.Effective presentation was essential.
Non-imitative anglers successfully plied their trade with a variety of lures such as zonkers,blobs and Montana nymphs,whilst damsel and hare's ear nymphs did the business for those trying to match naturals.
Now is a great time to be out.

Fly box:    Black/olive/Red/Green  Buzzers
Kate Mc Karen 
Hare's ear emergers
Black/olive foam heads
Brown f fly
  Hares ear nymphs
  Montana nymph

Best Wishes

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