Monday, December 23, 2013

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report

The unsettled weather ,predominantly from the south-west again, has kept temperatures comparatively mild so buzzers have presented in autopsies.Teams of flies that include a black pupal pattern (or Diawl Bach ) together with the obligatory bloodworm imitation (pinkies remain must-tries ) have done well.
Pulled worms were consistent too, as were the bigger lures, predominantly in black or white.
The hot spots were,again,at the upwind (flat water)and down-wind (rough water) extremes, depending on wind strength/temperature. Such considerations are vital at any time of year, but more so in the winter months. Any accumulations of warmer water will harbor a lot of trout, usually eager to feed.

Fly box::
Black buzzer
Diawl Bach
Olive worm (pulled)
Black /white zonkers
Cats whisker
Tutti Fruiti
Hares ear
White Lure
Hows it Fishing
Olive Nymph
Blood worm
Consett budgie
Cormorant Killer

Tagged Fish Christmas Bonanza
This week it has been a double Christmas Bonanza! On Tuesday 17th Geoff Curry from Durham, hauled in the first Tagged fish of the week using a Bloodworm on the Doxford, netting him and his Fishing partner Bob Chicken a whopping £500! Geoff has been fishing at Sharpley Springs since 2004 and said he was delighted.
( I think they’ll be having more than Chicken Curry this Christmas)
Then on Thursday Andy Saunders from Newton Aycliffe caught the second Tagged fish on the Alice and Albert using a Zeech. Andy had a great mornings fishing , catching 12 fish in all, which included a 6lb brown and a 8lb Bow.

Double Numbers
Jimmy Drew from Wallsend also had a good morning on Thursday, catching 19 fish in total on the Hangmans and the Noose, using Hares ear and White Luce.
On Friday am there was double figures, had by Derrick Green from Sundrland, fishing on the Hangman using an Olive Nymph he caught 10 fish in all, whilst on the Doxford Steve Crisp from Stockton caught 17 using a Blood worm and Black Buzzer.  Whilst in the afternoon Gary Mulholland  from Gateshead caught 22 fish on the Doxford using Olive Worm, whilst his fishing partner Colin Grey caught 13 using white zonker and a consett budgie. On Sunday Eric Carmichael from Rollings Gill caught 12 fish using a Pinky and Cormorant Killer

The big fish

John Hartland from Billingham caught a  a 13lb beauty on the Doxford using a Diawl Bach and Alec Harvey from Cramlington caught a 12.5 pounder using a Zonker.

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