Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sharpley Springs Fishery Report

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report

Hows it Fishing
Last week due to the cooler weather and spasmodic rain showers saw bigger fish coming up to feed on Midge hatching and adult Damsels at Sharpley Springs. Plenty of sedge on the Cuthberts Halt and great top of the water action on the Hangman. Richard Brown from Stockton "cast out 40 feet and slow retrieved" to net a Brown trout at 15 lbs 5 ozs and another a 11 pounder on a Sedge.
Stephen Greathead a regular at Sharpley used a fluffy Cat to claim his 16lb 8oz Rainbow  Trout.
Dave Valley from Wallsend used a nomad to bring a 14 pounder to his net, C Veasley from Gateshead caught 21 fish to 6lbs 5ozs.  Steve Sanderson from Cramlington returned 18 trout mainly on buzzers.
Here at Sharpley we have been trimming the wonderful variety  of Aquatic Plants that produces Sharpleys very varied fly life.
Rod average 4.8 
Anglers fishing early and late continue to be the most successful with temperatures lowering and the welcome rain saw Saturday, with some welcome cloud and resident fish willing to rise to spasmodic midge hatches and occasionally,more splashilly ,to adult damsels and sedge. Imitations of both of these are tempting trout with green peters and g and h sedge reliable copies of the latter. Blue ,male,adult damsels can evoke violent reactions at the margins whilst the nymph is a classic go-to pattern at this time of year.

Fly box:
G and H sedge
Green Peter
Olive shuttlecock
Adult damsel
Damsel nymph
GRHE nymph
Caenis dun/spent spinner

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