Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sharpley Springs Fishing Report ending 26 th June

Hows it fishing
Great early morning and late evening raises have kept anglers late at Sharpley, not wanting to leave the lakes!
Jason Hughes from Haswell saw the biggest bag of the week with two entered for the Trout Fisherman both rainbows the biggest on the first cast of the day was a "good, hard fighting" 11 lbs 7 oz Rainbow and the second double took Jason to the backing twice with a 15 min fight, coming in at 13lbs.
Other notable doubles were caught by Ben Rock from Great Ayton using a buzzer to a net a 13 pounder,Ray nicholas a 14 pounder on a Blood worm,Jimmy drew another 14 pounder on a damsel fly. Mark Newton from South Shield a 12lb 8oz fish.George Craggs from Great Lumley brought to the net 26 on a full days ticket.
The two biggest doubles were caught by Andy Waring from Whitburn at a whopping 20lbs 5ozs,James from Great Ayton with a 16lbs 2oz from a bag of 20 and Andy Hudson from Sunderland a 15lb 8oz trout.
Rod average
2 Tagged fish are still escaping the anglers

Once again,early and late anglers saw the best of the sport with afternoons challenging but equally as interesting.
Green and black buzzers were in abundance and as their hatches dwindled so pond olives appeared and,together with marginal damsels,captivated the interest of the trout.Noisy,splashy rises almost certainly due to either these,wing-drying upright pond olive Duns,or sedges. The latter have been in much greater numbers this week with larger mottled browns and smallish blacks showing. The consequence has been dramatically increased interest in surface skating offerings-and exciting angling.Gangly daddies too have taken fish.

Fly box:
Black buzzer
Olive nymph
Here's ear emerger
Green shuttlecock
CDC sedge
Black and peacock
Black zonked
All the best

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