Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sharpley Springs Weekly Fishing Report

Hows it Fishing
Plenty of Midge of all sizes abound with Angler,

Michael Turner from Bishop Auckland netted a catch of fish to over 30lbs with 18 being released. Anthony Brough also from Bishop Auckland released 17, ten from the Doxford.Tom Hope returned a naturalised Browny from the Doxford.Paul Metcalf from Gateshead caught the catch of the month with a whopping 17 pounder taken on an Olive emerger . Plenty of good quality stock with the Tagged fish up to £500x 2.

Plenty of midge of all sizes abound though the massive buzzers of early summer are long gone and there are plenty of tiny species around that are very difficult to imitate.many of these are light green and equivalent to a size 30 or so!
Afternoons again saw sedges hatching-along with the now ubiquitous damsels.During a sedge hatch a ginked-up invicta was hard to beat-though brown foam emerges we're a close second.
Large daddies are still good go-to patterns

Fly box:
Damsel nymph/adult
Black buzzer
Green f/shuttlecock
Sedge hog
Hares ear foam head

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